Teeth Whitening

It is the process by the dentist to restore the tooth tone by chemical applications. Anyone who needs it can do this. The degree of whiteness of teeth is decided by the patient and the dentist together.

Consumption, such as food, drinks, cigarettes, affects whiteness before treatment and will affect post-surgery. To increase persistence, the consumption recommended by the doctor should be carried out for 2 weeks. Then, if needed, bleaching can be done again.

Office Teeth Whitening

This is carried out with hydrogen peroxide. First, tartar is cleaned. Then, hydrogen peroxide is applied only on the tooth while protecting the gingivas. Radiation is applied on the chemical gel.

Office tooth whitening may take several sessions depending on the patient needs. Each session lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

House Type Teeth Whitening

After the patient’s problems such as tartars and caries are solved, a plaque is prepared by the dentist for the patient’s oral structure. Carbamyl peroxide is applied to the teeth by plaque at home. The method of administration is already described by the dentist.

Home tooth whitening takes an average of 1 week. There is an application time of 4-8 hours per day. The dentist determines the duration and dosage according to the needs of the patient.

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