Orthodontic treatment is used to remove the condition known as tooth distortion. Provides proper alignment of teeth to jawbone using braces.

It is a treatment method used to improve the appearance and oral function due to maladjusted, distorted, intermittent teeth and jaw structure. The treatment is provided with braces and various appliances.

Start of treatment

It is usually noticed in childhood and treatment is started. It is recommended to start treatment at an early age because the bone structure of young people is more amenable to change. However, orthodontic treatment can be applied to all age groups, not just children.

Duration of treatment

Orthodontic treatment may take several years because it is aimed to change the bone structure. However, it varies according to the needs of the patient.

Does the tooth structure deteriorate?

If the oral hygiene is well provided, and if the doctor’s recommendations are followed, no problems such as decay, deformation and yellowing will be encountered. For food selection it is necessary to consult a doctor and consume appropriate foods. Any food can be eaten while orthodontic treatment is in progress. However, eating method should be changed. The doctor’s advice should be followed for these methods.



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