Forehead-Tease Lift

Wrinkles around the eyes and sagging in the upper eyelid are caused by the forehead.

In the majority of patients presenting to the surgeon for sagging and slack in the upper eyelid, the problem is not around the eyes.

In the examination of these patients, there is no need to perform any procedure around the eye if the eyebrow area is pulled up by hand and the eyebrow and upper eyelid problems disappear.

As indicated in the section where the eye problems are explained, patients with advanced fat around the eyes may be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Patients with wrinkles may benefit from botox treatments and blepharoplasty.

As stated in the section about the eye problems; Patients with advanced fat around the eyes at advanced ages, patients who have long-term exposure to sunlight and have relaxation and wrinkles can benefit. Patients with wrinkles due to excessive or sustained contraction of the muscles around the eye may benefit from botox applications for this area and ophthalmic surgery called blefaroplasty.

Is the solution possible in a non-surgical way?

Proportionally, problems in a larger group of patients are mainly dependent on the relaxation and sagging of the temple region. There is not yet any non-surgical method with proven efficacy for these regions.

In recent years, suspension methods with special materials have been proposed and although they have been widely used for a while, asymmetric results, separation of the straps from the holder and allergic reactions to suspending materials have limited the use of hanger stitches.

Operation method

The most common and permanent method used for rejuvenation of the forehead and temple area is the endoscopic method of forehead-temple stretching. In this method, by using thin tubular cameras with 2-3 cm incisions made in both temples and midline scalp, all the temple and forehead area is removed and a higher point is determined.

The operation lasts about 2-2.5 hours and after the surgery, a concealer dressing is applied to reduce swelling. The recovery period of this operation is about one week if no other procedure has been performed. At the end of this period, it is obligatory to use sunglasses outdoors for another week. After the operation, swelling may be mentioned rather than pain. The final result occurs after about 3-4 weeks.

The most important feature of this operation is that it provides a more natural result than the suture method and it is far from the complications due to the suspension methods.

Another advantage is that the result is permanent. In some cases, some problems with the eyelids, loose and flaccid skin of the upper eyelid, fat herniations in the eyelids can be corrected in the same session. Additional processing does not change the recovery time much.

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