Eyelid Aesthetic

Eyelid surgery has one of the most striking results of plastic surgery in the face. The fact that the changes occurring in this region occur at a very early age and that they are recognized early in the face of other parts of the face cause this issue to be frequently expressed

The most important issue to be emphasized for surgical interventions in the eyelid area is the correct identification of the problems. These issues must be correctly diagnosed before the operation. Problems with the eyelids are the excess or laxity of adipose tissue, leading to excess skin, muscle relaxation, and eye bags.

Surgical procedures for the eyelid only have no chance to open the eyebrow-to-eye distance or fix the strokes around the eye.

Application process

Blepharoplasty is a technically easy procedure. It can be applied with a type of mild anesthesia called sedation. Patients can go home after being kept under observation in the hospital for a few hours when administered alone. After about 5 days, the swelling and color changes around the eye are very light.

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