Ear Surgery

The ears of the ear which are manifested by the opening of the ears to the front and the inability of the ear curves are called scoop ear deformity.

Unlike other plastic surgery, this surgery, 5-6 years, pre-school period, is recommended to do. Ear development at this age, completes 90%. There is no change in the surgical development of the ear.

The ear cartilages are reached by making an incision from behind the ear. Permanent stitches that do not melt to form ear folds are passed through these cartilage structures. If the ear drum has come forward, this part is fixed to the head with non-melting sutures. If necessary, some excess skin can be removed.

General anesthesia is preferred in children and local anesthesia is preferred in adults. After surgery, the patient can return home. A tight bandage is placed on the head to contain the ear. It is kept in place for about a week. Then the tennis player band is used for two weeks. It is important to wear this bandage especially when lying down. There is no need to take stitches as the skin has stitches. One week after the operation, the patient may return to school or work.

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