Brezilian Butt Lift

Butt fat injection, hip surgery, or more commonly known as the Brazilian but lift (BBL) surgery is a body contouring operation to remove the appearance of a flattened, sagged butt that is less or larger than normal size.

In recent years, hip aesthetic surgeries have been performed in different applications according to the patient. Basically, we can classify hip surgeries as enlargement – plump and shrink.

These surgeries, called BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), can be performed with different techniques.Hip enlargement with fat injection: One of the best methods for augmentation and plump. Fats are taken from the excess areas by liposuction and injected into the missing and empty areas, filled with fat injection. Particularly, the fat in the upper parts of the hips is reduced and transferred to areas that will make the hip look vertical and full. With this method called Micrıo fat grafting technique, the fat cells are taken without damage by the injector under low pressure with special thin cannulas and after a special treatment, they are injected to the missing places.

In this case, since the patient’s own adipose tissue will be used, it will be healthy and natural. The disadvantage is that some of these fats are dissolved by the body over time, which leads to a decrease in fullness. 40-50% of the average given fats will remain viable. The fats that will remain alive at the end of 6 months mean that they will last for a lifetime.

Restylane (hyaluronic acid) is supplied as 1 cc syringes with two different needle tips. Before the procedure, the skin is anesthetized with anesthetic creams, thus preventing the patient from feeling pain. The solution is injected directly into or directly below the skin to provide symmetry. The effect is immediate and the patient can evaluate the procedure immediately.

Filling the face with Restylane takes about half an hour. There is no need for an additional application except for applying the ice for a short time after the procedure.The results last 6-8 months. At the end of this period, the procedure may be repeated or fat injection may be performed.

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