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1 September 2017 tarafından Angela Brawn0

Today, aesthetic procedures are widely used, so there are awards for aesthetic procedures that can appeal to anyone. The increase in people doing aesthetic procedures has increased the quality of the aesthetic procedures that result from the increase in the experience of physicians.

Aesthetically in Turkey is the best choice in terms of quality and price comparison compared to other countries. Thousands of people from different countries come to Turkey for aesthetic and dental treatment.

Why does the price of Aesthetic Surgery vary?

– Experience and training of plastic surgeons
– Operating time
– Different planning for the needs and treatment of the patient
– Number of operations used in an operation
– Surgical material required for the operation

Price determination method for most poppy transactions

Pre-interview is made for patients from abroad and operational planning is done based on the needs. Best prices are made according to demand and requirement.

In Turkey, hair transplant surgery for hair follicles in the application in accordance with the method determined by the needs of October.

– Implant treatment in Turkey varies depending on your jaw structure, bone or gum problems.

– Aesthetic operations such as BBL, face lift, liposuction, breast lift are shaped according to the needs of the patient.

The doctor makes this planning in the treatment of the patient before the operation and the price is determined accordingly. The price before the aesthetic operation is determined and this planning is made by the doctor’s joint decision.

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